The Casual Eccentric

5/28/20231 min read

So, here goes nothing. I set this page up as a result of a search I made—"how to set up an author page"— precisely five days ago. It was actually ChatGPT that suggested I set one up; I'd never even considered setting up an author page before. Thanks, Chatty!

As someone who is (sometimes purposefully) out of touch, I wasn't aware that it was the done thing in 2023 for people to set up a website documenting each facet of their personalities. Now, I do have an English teacher page. But that's because I am an English teacher. Therefore it would seem relatively sensible to set up a page about that kind of aspect. As I write in my spare time, it wasn't immediately obvious that I ought to have an author page. Other facets of my character: I'm a practitioner of Choy Li Fut kung fu, I'm a supportive person who tries hard to help people overcome the bad stuff, and—probably always have been—slightly off my nut sometimes. You can probably tell as much by the fact I've written a novel called Pandimensional Yoghurt for Beginners. To make matters worse: I insist that it's actually pretty good.

(I hope that doesn't come across as arrogant, by the way. But it makes me giggle like I'm still eleven years old, even after re-reading it forty-two times.)

I'm currently contacting literary agents and publishing houses in the hope that I'm not the only one who likes it. So, whatever the reason you're here reading this, I can say to you that there's a chance you'll see it in print at some point. (I'm not overly keen on the idea of self-publishing.) I will keep you posted.

What's not clear to me now is whether I need to set up another page that details my exploits as a casual eccentric. I see that is still available. Hang on. I'll just ask ChatGPT if I ought to buy it.